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The Hardened Valhallans

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Monad has 5 playable cultures. Each culture offers unique military ships and land units, different starting conditions, and a few unique technologies.

The cultures that are playable in Monad build on the legacy of the old nations: Templecast, Krow, Elfen, Ominiya, and Valhalla. Some nations are still around but their importance has been marginalized or irradicated. Remaining are mega-corporations, reigning the everyday lives of people. Many of these mega-corporations share the same culture, making them traditional allies - or direct rivals.


Playstyle: The Valhallans can survive on cold, arctic worlds, where they have a growth bonus. Their infantry has particularly high attack but is also vulnerable. It is advisable to attack in high numbers and strike first so that their expensive Valkyries survive.

Appearance: The Valhallan appearance is brutish and crude, yet carries a sophistication developed over decades of pragmatic design.

Biome Preference: Arctic worlds.


The ancient north is considered savage, dangerous, and uncivilized - even in modern times. The rapid growth of Valhalla, the informal capital of the Valhallan clan and the now largest city in the north, has done little to stunt the stereotype of Valhallans as inbred flatheads.

Valhallans have always used this as an advantage, surprising anyone who underestimates their surprising acumen, craftiness, and determination to overcome.

What most other cultures have never fully understood, is that Valhallans exist in symbiosis with nature. Growing up, young ones have always been taught to respect the planet and environment - a social movement that eventually placed Valhalla at the forefront of pro-environmental development.

Today, mega-corporations rule Valhalla, many founded by the great, ancient clans. Furbod Co., Astral, and P.I. are three of the largest.


Valhallan military has always been known to fight with fervor, brutality, and mentality that favors offense over defense. A rite of passage at the age of 14 characterizes most Valhallans, a difficult period that not everyone survives. But the vast majority, who do, become liberated adults.

The most mainstream producer of Valhallan military equipment is Primal Industries (P.I.). Founded by Eric Greatbeard III, P.I. has designed some of the most iconic, northern armors and vehicles in existence. They have relied on simple shapes, utilizing the blue to symbolize the sky and yellow stripes for the rays of the sun - the later being a commodity that has always been rare in Valhalla.

The aesthetic builds on a Valhallan idea of minimalism. It is counter-productive to add extravagance if it interferes with function, as per famous architect and designer Ellen Korbuson.

Glimstar Class - a discrete fighter frigate, built to simply do its job. It has 2 cannons pointing forward, and 2 turrets that can rotate.

Valhallan surface troops are warmly dressed to combat the harsh reality of the cold North. Although different mega-corporations supply different variations on this theme, most adhere to a basic rule of streamlined, purpose-optimized gear.

The P.I. Northguard uniform is particularly well-known, offering an intimidating steel helmet that exposes the mouth for easier communication, but protects the top of the head. The Valkyrie gear set is tailored for light soldiers, mostly women, making for some of the deadliest sharpshooters in the known universe.

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