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Creating and playing with an Alliance

Alliances are a common feature in online games: they allow players, hopefully whom they like, to band up and play together. In Monad, the Alliance system is evolving, but already has some notable features to be aware of.

Top benefits of being in an Alliance

  1. Planet bonuses: Legendary planets can provide alliance-wide bonuses, such as +% Authority Rate.

  2. Visibility: you can see allied fleets on the starmap and, through research, see their radar station data (to detect enemy fleets inside the radius of allies' radars)

  3. Sharing inventory: you can use Alliance Warehouses to share inventory

  4. Protection: being a part of the same Alliance, signals attacks on your planets to your allies, and sends a signal that you are looking after each other

  5. Coordinated attacks: Use the Coordinated Attack feature to attack a target at the same time

  6. Community: by using the in-game Alliance chat, you're able to coordinate your activities and get to know each other better.

  7. Diplomacy: Alliances are able to wage war amongst each other, as well as forming pacts. This is a strong signal to the world.

In the future, it's very likely that more special features of alliances are added, pending feedback.

This screenshot shows your fleets as light green and Alliance fleets as dark green. The circle is your radar station's range.

How to join an Alliance?

Alliances can be Open (does it accept new members?) and Listed (is it publically listed as Open?). You can join Alliances that are Open by recieving an invitation key from one of their members. If the Alliance you wish to join is also Listed, you can make an application with a cover letter from the Alliance overview screen.

How to create an Alliance?

Creating an Alliance can also be done from the Alliance menu. You need a few co-signees to get it started. After you have started the creation process, you need to give them the invitation token. Once enough members (usually 2 or 3) have applied this token, the Alliance will be formally created.

This screenshot shows that your Alliance has declared war on another Alliance. Enemy Alliances are marked in a special, antagonistic red color on the star map.

What is the future of Alliances in Monad?

I always thought that playing together adds a lot of fun in online games, especially in MMO games. It adds another dimension to gameplay. I want cooperation to be an important part of Monad, and I want to integrate it even more - particularly in how new players without any previous friends in the game are introduced to the concept of Alliances. It doesn't have to be a tool for pre-existing friends. It should be able to forge new bonds.

- gunshinx

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