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Monad 2023 - let's go!

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Change notes

  • AI

    • There are now rudimentary AI players in the galaxy. While they aren’t especially complex now, they will continue to evolve as Monad grows

  • Universe

    • Fleets now use corp-specific IDs instead of game-wide IDs. This means you will never again have a fleet called F2040 when you only have 5 fleets.

    • Fleets can now be right-clicked to “quick move” them to another location on the map

    • Planet resources are now more predictable, and accessibility to the resources you need are more paced to the progress of the game

    • If a player controls a system, they can ‘forget’ uncolonized planets for the price of 20 Documents. “Forget planet” is a new Probe special ability.

    • Colonization ships now exist in 3 size classes, each able to colonize their respective level of planets. You will need a Colonizer Class III for Level 3 planets.

    • New planet types and artwork, plus improvements to existing planets

  • Library

    • The Library now shows more information on planet types, resources/products, cultures, and military

  • Barbarians

    • Barbarian Fortresses now spawn across the map, ranging from weak to strong. These are floating space bases for ruthless bandits and the deprived.

    • Barbarian Fortresses act as a source of new barbarians — defending the fortress if you attempt to attack and attacking nearby player planets (default attack radius of 3). They will never attack home systems.

    • If they successfully defeat the defense of one of your planets, Barbarian raiders will pillage all your non-Citizen resources and remain in a blockade until you manage to destroy them.

  • Production

    • Completely restructured production tree

    • Around 30 new resources and products, as well as some revamped old ones

    • New production buildings:

      • Workshop

      • Pasture

      • Bakery

      • Food Processing Plant

  • Logistics

    • New Hauler ships

      • Class II (2 inventory space)

      • Class III (3 inventory space)

    • New storage buildings for increased inventory:

      • Silo Complex

      • Warehouse

      • Alliance Warehouse

  • Research

    • Added unique graphics for all research technologies

  • New Population mechanic

    • Population has been renamed Citizens

    • Citizens can be transformed into higher-level forms using a new University structure: Cadets, Spacemen, Engineers, and Scientists.

    • Higher level forms still eat and provide income. They also each have a special favorite type of food they will consume in addition to normal food. For example, Scientists require Canned Tuna both during their creation and as an on-going maintenance cost.

  • Tutorials have been updated

  • Military

    • All military unit costs have been adjusted

    • A military units cap has been introduced similarly to the planet control cap — research can be made to increase this cap

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