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Build an       intergalactic            business empire


Monad is a free, online strategy game where logistics, diplomacy, and conquest are the building blocks of entrepreneurial success.


Play with thousands of players in your internet browser

Join a Network or found your own

Whether you’re a lone wolf or socialite, you will benefit from joining an alliance of peers—a network—to coordinate, overcome and build important friendships.

Persistent universe where actions ripple through time

Play alongside thousands of others with a persistent story that unfolds even when you sleep. By completing a coveted Inifinity Rocket, you can bring parts of your wealth to the next game round.

Buy and sell shares in other players corporations

Become a shareholder in other corporations and invite others to invest in yours, in order to speculate on or secure a future pay-off.

Explore the unknown darkness of space

Send exploration vessels into the black void of the galaxy to discover new planets, establish colonies—and more.

Collect resources and build automated factories

Beat your opposition through clever logistics and an optimized exploitation of planetary resources.

Secure both land and space from enemy invasion

Gather and use planetary resources to build your wealth, and exterminate those who oppose you.

Keep your planets and citizen alive

A healthy population means a healthy balance sheet! Be aware of planetary pollution and weather conditions, so that your citizens survive.



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